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Wednesday, August 28, 1996

How "The Castle" turned into Castle Creek Inn Bed and Breakfast

The outside shell of the Castle was originally built in 1978, and the inside was partially completed.  Sometime around 1990 Lynn and Sallie Calder started their search for some property that they could turn into a Bed and Breakfast.  In 1996, Lynn and Sallie bought the partially completed Castle and renovated it and turned it into a Bed and Breakfast with elegant castle decor.

The Grand Opening was August 28 & 29, 1996.  As Lynn describes it, the Castle was not complete, and missing a few mouldings in some rooms, but it was complete enough to start renting.  All the walls inside the Castle started out white.  They would take most of the money they made and continued to reinvest the money into the Castle and that is how it was made into the majestic building that it is now.