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Castle Creek Inn 7391 S Creek Road Sandy, Utah 84093 (801) 567-9437

Monday, November 3, 2014

The History and a Little Mystery at Salt Lake City's hidden Castle Creek Inn Bed and Breakfast - Through other's eyes

People always love a good mystery, and sometimes the mystery is more fun than the truth.  Here are some things people have said in the past about the Castle...

March 29, 2015
When I was a little girl I always begged my parents to drive by "The Castle" It was privately owned back then and wasn't open to the public, but it filled my childhood with wonders just seeing it from the side of the road. I have always wanted to see the inside, but have never had the opportunity. Now that I've seen the lovely pictures on your sight, I have an even greater desire than before to see it up close. ~ Hattie on Facebook

March 19, 2015
I remember watching this being built when I was a kid. It was like watching magic happen! ~ Lisa on Facebook

January 16, 2013
I grew up two houses away from the Castle.  When I lived there, the castle wasn't a cool bed and breakfast place. Someone actually lived there. I think. We never saw an actual human there. The closest we saw to a life form was a car that would sometimes be parked out front. I was interested to see the back of the castle without fearing that I would be shot. ~

January 6, 2013

I live just up the hill from this place and it's always kind of been creepy. I'm glad to hear that its nice inside. I remember before it was a bed and breakfast too. It never really seemed like anyone lived there and like it was always a construction work in progress. ~ Betsy on

July 11, 2007

The castle was originally being built as a private home, but the man building it got ahead of himself financially and I believe the unfinished property was put up for auction. It was bought and finished by the same family who runs it today. They have a binder in the front desk area full of photos of them all finishing it together. ~

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Go on a Stay-Cation at a Castle in Salt Lake City!

Go on a Stay-Cation at a Castle in Salt Lake City!  was posted on on Feb 26, 2014

My goodness, it is amazing how many things we miss out on in our day-to-day lives! I’m sure you hear stories all of the time, about incredible site seeing that exists elsewhere, but how often do you stop and consider what you’ve got nearby in Salt Lake City? I have recently become a huge fan of the weekend getaway, and even stay-cations! In a world where traveling far and wide has become more and more expensive, I’m here to give your notions about traveling a facelift!

It just so happens that you live mere minutes from a truly incredible local destination! It really would be in your best interest to hop in your car and head over to Castle Creek Inn. I know you might be wondering why this would be so good for you, and I’m happy to give you the cliff’s notes to help you on your way. Castle Creek just so happens to offer incredible ambiance, along with some crazy fun and relaxing amenities!

Castle Creek is a fairly new castle, as castles go, but it offers all the best modern amenities! They offer a gorgeous royal setting for your visit, along with an array of beverages and fresh-baked sweet treats in the common room all evening long. Several rooms offer private balconies, and the King’s Lodge boasts a pool table! Every room comes equipped with a large whirlpool hot tub with colored lights, and large screen T.V.’s. Begin your mornings off the right way, with a scrumptious multi-course breakfast from the in-house gourmet. The meals served here are well thought out and extremely delectable. If you need anything on your stay, just ring the bell, or call the front desk. They will be happy to bring you a fresh baked pizza, or even a banana split! They’ll give you a warm welcome with goodies and smiles all around. Her prices range from $139 per night to $279 per night, depending on the opulence of the room you select.

Are you looking for a change of scenery, a little outdoors, and some very royal treatment? Well it’s so close you should practically be able to taste it! At Castle Creek in Salt Lake City, you can take a walk through the secluded grove of trees and brooks that are right outside their back door. While you’re there, you definitely have to check out their free-to-borrow collection of movies. It’s not to be missed! Just grab one and head back to your room. Can’t you just smell that feeling of escape and relaxation? Picture yourself lounging around in a whirlpool bubble bath, while watching your favorite movie on a big screen, in a Castle?!

I could go on and on about the virtues of a visit to Castle Creek Inn, but really, you should go see for yourself! Hop in, buckle up, and enjoy the short trip out of your normal routine to a brand new venue in your very own neck of the woods. You won’t regret it!